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Dhiera works with companies large and small in the India and beyond. From sophisticated API-driven platforms to cutting-edge websites, we will assist you from concept to completion, bringing your ideas to life.


Surat, India

Web Development


Dhiera offers a wide range of services, including web development, mobile app development, e-commerce development, content management system (CMS) development, custom software development, web API development, and SEO optimization.

Dhiera works with companies large and small in the India and beyond. From sophisticated API-driven platforms to cutting-edge websites, we will assist you from concept to completion, bringing your ideas to life.

We have over 5 years of experience in web and mobile app development, and our team of skilled developers specializes in technologies like PHP, Laravel, Node JS, React, Vue JS, Android, and Flutter. We prioritize high-quality, custom solutions that meet your unique needs.

We offer mobile app development for both Android and iOS devices. We also provide cross-platform development options, allowing you to build a single app that works on both platforms.

Our team of experienced developers has expertise in iOS development with Swift and Objective-C, Android development with Java and Kotlin, and cross-platform development with Flutter, React Native, and Ionic.

We use a variety of technologies for web development, including PHP, Laravel, WordPress, React, and Vue. Our goal is to create custom websites that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and user-friendly.

Checkout our best portfolios and clients reviews
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Veerta Welfare

To Meet The Bsf Soldiers Standing On All The Borders Of India And Raise Their Spirits. And Celebrating All The Occasions And Festivals With Them As A Family And Assist In Providing As Many Physical Facilities As Possible. This Organization Always Visits The Border “o” With The Family So That They Get The Warmth And Feeling Of Family. Our Main Goal Is To Distribute Sweets And Gifts All Over India Every Diwali!

Book Reading Application

📚 Dive into the World of Books: Introducing My Latest Flutter Creation! Embark on a literary journey with my newest Flutter app designed for avid readers. This Book Reading App transcends traditional boundaries, offering a feature-rich experience that includes bookmarking, personalized book recommendations, seamless integration of Ad-Mob and Facebook ads, and real-time notifications to keep users engaged and informed. Key Features for Book Enthusiasts: 🔖 Bookmark Your Journey: Empower users to bookmark their favorite or last-read areas, providing a seamless and personalized reading experience. Readers can pick up right where they left off, enhancing continuity and user satisfaction. 📚 Highly Personalized Recommendations: Utilize advanced algorithms to recommend books based on users' interests, ensuring that each recommendation is tailored to their reading preferences. From classics to hidden gems, the app becomes a trusted literary companion. 📰 Integrated Ads for User Engagement: Seamlessly integrate Ad-Mob and Facebook ads, strategically placed to enhance user engagement without disrupting the reading flow. This ensures a balanced and revenue-generating user experience. 🔔 Notifications for Engaging Updates: Implement a robust notification system to keep users informed about new book releases, personalized recommendations, and exclusive literary events. Stay connected with your audience and create anticipation for new reading adventures.

IPO Today App

🚀 Unveiling the Future of IPO Exploration: Introducing My Latest Flutter Marvel! Today marks the IPO of my newest creation - a groundbreaking Flutter app designed to revolutionize how we engage with Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). This dynamic platform not only provides meticulous details on upcoming, current, and listed IPOs but takes the experience a step further by offering a comprehensive list of all IPOs, ensuring users have access to a wealth of in-depth information. Key Features that Set It Apart: 📊 Comprehensive IPO List: Dive into an extensive list of all IPOs, meticulously categorized and updated regularly. From emerging startups to established companies, the app serves as a curated hub for IPO enthusiasts seeking a holistic view of the market. 📱 Strategic Dynamic Ads: Immerse users in a captivating experience without compromise. The app ingeniously integrates dynamic ads, strategically placed to enhance user engagement while ensuring a smooth and unintrusive browsing experience. 🔔 Real-time Notifications: Stay ahead in the IPO game with Firebase-powered real-time notifications. Receive instant updates on breaking news, last-minute changes, and significant announcements, ensuring you never miss a crucial development.

Cricket Live Score App

🔥 Crafting Exceptional Cricket Experiences with Advanced Flutter Development As a Flutter app developer, I take pride in delivering a Cricket Live Score app that goes beyond the ordinary. This project seamlessly integrates Firebase for real-time notifications, dynamic ads with custom and AdMob placements, and robust API integration to bring you a cricket-watching experience like never before. Technical Highlights: 📲 Firebase Integration: Leveraging the power of Firebase, the app delivers lightning-fast notifications tailored to your preferences. Stay in the loop with real-time updates on match events, scores, and more. 💡 Dynamic Ads Management: A dynamic ad system intelligently places custom and AdMob ads, ensuring a non-intrusive yet revenue-generating user experience. This feature maximizes engagement without compromising on the app's sleek design. 🔄 API Integration: The app seamlessly connects to external APIs, providing comprehensive and up-to-date cricket data. From live scores to in-depth player statistics, the API integration ensures that users have access to the latest information. Key Features: ✨ Real-time Updates: Stay ahead of the game with instantaneous live score updates, ensuring you never miss a moment of the action. 📊 Comprehensive Match Statistics: Dive deep into detailed match statistics, player performance, and team analytics to satisfy your cricket curiosity. 🔔 Customizable Notifications: Tailor your app experience with personalized notifications, keeping you informed about match events and results. 💡 Intuitive User Interface: User-friendly design makes navigation a breeze, providing a smooth and engaging experience for cricket enthusiasts of all levels


Welcome to ResumeWithAI.com – Revolutionizing Your Job Search with Intelligent Resumes! At ResumeWithAI.com, we understand the pivotal role a well-crafted resume plays in your professional journey. That's why we've harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to create a cutting-edge resume builder that goes beyond templates – introducing a dynamic platform that adapts to your unique career narrative. Key Features: AI-Driven Resume Building: Experience the future of resume creation with our AI-powered platform. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter resumes; instead, embrace a personalized, compelling document tailored to your skills and aspirations. Smart Content Suggestions: Let our AI guide you through the resume-building process. From impactful bullet points to attention-grabbing achievements, our intelligent suggestions ensure your resume stands out in the competitive job market. Customizable Templates: Choose from a variety of sleek and professional templates that align with your industry and personal style. Effortlessly customize layouts, colors, and fonts to create a resume that reflects your unique brand. In the development of ResumeWithAI.com, I played a crucial role in integrating OpenAI to enhance the resume-building experience. By seamlessly incorporating OpenAI's capabilities, I ensured that the platform not only streamlines the process but also leverages advanced natural language processing to create compelling, well-articulated resumes. My contribution focuses on making the technology work for you, translating your career details into a powerful narrative that resonates with employers.

Genro.io - AI Image Generation Tool

Welcome to Genro.io – Your Gateway to Infinite Creativity through AI Image Generation! Genro.io is a cutting-edge platform where artificial intelligence meets imagination, offering a transformative experience in the world of image generation. Our portfolio site is a testament to the boundless possibilities of AI, allowing you to explore, create, and customize stunning visuals with unprecedented ease. Key Features: AI Image Generator: Witness the magic of Genro.io as it brings your concepts to life through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. From abstract designs to realistic landscapes, our platform empowers you to explore a diverse range of visual possibilities. Intuitive Design Interface: With a user-friendly design interface, Genro.io ensures that both novices and professionals can navigate effortlessly through the creative process. Unleash your creativity with tools that are as powerful as they are accessible. Versatile Applications: Whether you're a graphic designer, artist, or simply someone with a creative spark, Genro.io caters to a myriad of applications. From social media graphics to personalized artwork, the possibilities are limitless. In the development of Genro.io, I played a pivotal role in integrating the Replicate and Midjourney APIs. By seamlessly weaving these APIs into the fabric of Genro.io, I contributed to the platform's robust foundation. This integration ensures that users experience a seamless and efficient image generation process, powered by the advanced capabilities of Replicate and Midjourney APIs.

Xinva.AI - Powered Image Generation

Welcome to Xinva.AI – Your Gateway to Artificial Intelligence-Powered Image Generation! Key Features: AI-Powered Image Generation: Witness the magic of Xinva.AI as it transforms your concepts into vibrant, high-quality images through the power of artificial intelligence. Intuitive User Interface: Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to easily navigate and interact with the AI-generated images. Diverse Applications: Whether you're a creative professional looking for unique visuals or a business seeking innovative marketing materials, Xinva.AI caters to a wide range of applications. In the development of Xinva.AI, my role was pivotal in integrating the Replicate and Midjourney APIs. This integration forms the backbone of the AI image generation process, ensuring a robust and efficient system that delivers exceptional results. By seamlessly connecting these APIs, I contributed to the creation of a dynamic platform that empowers users to explore the full potential of AI-generated imagery.

Maharaja Bus Booking App

Maharaja Bus booking is android SAAS application, where multiple bus agents come and register his buses and use the free online platform for bus reservation system and get his business online. Some of the points included here for Maharaja Bus booking App: - Analyze the system and database design. - Make Restful Laravel APIs - Firebase notification integration - Eloquent Queries and Filters - Run the Cron Jobs - Admin dashboard

Rarever - Diamond Jewellery Shop Online

Nivoda is a platform that connects jewelry retailers with diamond suppliers. They provide an API that allows developers to programmatically access their data and services. GraphQL is a query language and runtime for APIs that enables clients to request exactly the data they need, and nothing more. Working on Nivoda API integration using GraphQL involves using GraphQL to interact with the Nivoda API and retrieve the necessary data for your application. This could involve creating queries and mutations to access the Nivoda API's data, and handling responses in your application. Some tasks involved in working on Nivoda API integration using GraphQL may include: ->Understanding the Nivoda API documentation and schema ->Creating queries and mutations using GraphQL to retrieve data from the Nivoda API ->Handling responses from the Nivoda API in your application ->Debugging issues with API requests and responses ->Integrating the Nivoda API data into your application's business logic and user interface ->Overall, working on Nivoda API integration using GraphQL requires a strong understanding of bothGraphQL and the Nivoda API, as well as experience with API integration and data handling in a programming language such as JavaScript or TypeScript.

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